Remote Technical Monitoring system to Botswana

ACAMS to supply remote TCMS (Technical Control and Monitoring system) to Botswana.

ACAMS is pleased to announce a new contract for Technical Control and Monitoring System (TCMS) to facilitate remote monitoring and control of navaids systems (CVOR/DME) at Kang Airport, Botswana.

Kang airport is located in the Kalahari desert, 340 km west of the Capital Gabarone. With the TCMS from ACAMS installed, technicians at the Central Monitor Centre in Gabarone will have full access to the navaids equipment installed at Kang airport.

The system will be supplied via AME ATM (PTY) LTD in South Africa.

The system can easily be expanded with additional airports in the future, to a Regional Control and Monitoring System. Some of the advantages for the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) are:

  • Alarm and status information from equipment from different vendors, presentented in a unified HMI
  • Remote control from technical center with expert technicians
  • Improved personnel allocations
  • Compact Human Machine Interface (HMI) covering all sub-systems to provide screen based on-line status and monitoring information. The system may also run the equipment-supplied RMM software directly from the RCMS workstation.
  • Cost effective and flexible adaption which enabling customer specific needs and Graphical User Interface (GUI) preferences.

ACAMS has previously successfully installed regional monitoring systems, such as to Indonesia, providing valuable and cost saving advantages to technical monitoring and maintenance operations. Regional TCMS is further described here.



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