4 new I-TWRs to Brazil

ACAMS has received order for additional 4 integrated tower (I-TWR) solutions to Brazil.

This will bring the total number of ACAMS I-TWR solutions in the country up to 27, further solidifying the ACAMS presence in this large country, and verifying the customer's trust in our solutions.

The Brazilian Department of Airspace Control (DESCEA) has ordered 4 additional ACAMS integrated tower solutions. The order is placed by the project implementation department CISCEA, as part of their ATC tower modernization program.

The new I-TWR solutions will be installed in the airports of:

  • Maseió
  • Santa Cruz
  • São Luís
  • Taubaté

The systems will include the following functionality:

  • Airfield Lighting Control
  • Meteorological Information Display
  • Navigation Aids Status Monitoring
  • Publications
  • Time Synchronisation and Display
  • Tower Cabin Internal Lighting Control
  • Sun Shade Control
  • Video Surveillance and Entrance Control
  • Notice Board
  • Crash Alarm
  • ATIS

The Tower cabin interior will be fully refurbished and new controller consoles, task spot-lights and sun shade will be installed. 

In addition to the above, the TATIC Electronic Flight Strip System (Saipher) is accessible through the ACAMS workstations. 

The ACAMS solutions will be supplied as a turn-key contract in cooperation with our partner ATC Solutions Ltd., Brazil. The systems are expected to be installed during 2015. Including these 4 new towers, ACAMS will have 27 I-TWR installations in the country.

ACAMS' sales director Odd Thodesen says: «Brazil is an important market for us. The numerous recurring orders from Brazil indicate that the customer is satisfied with our performance. We are grateful for this opportunity to demonstrate further commitment to satisfying customer needs and improving air traffic safety in Brazil."



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