TCMS contract for Macau

ACAMS is pleased to announce that a contract has been secured for supply of a Technical Control and Monitoring System (TCMS) for Macau International Airport.

Macau International Airport is a passenger hub for destinations in mainland China as well as being a common transfer point for travelers between China and Taiwan. The airport  is built and managed until 2039 under a 50-year government concession by CAM, a public concessionaire of Macau International Airport, and handles 5.5 million passengers annually.

The TCMS from ACAMS will bring the following benefits to the operations at the airport:

  • Improving the Maintenance working environment without compromising safety
  • Providing the technicians with basic controls and information clearly presented and within easy reach
  • Saving space in consoles
  • Providing interface with existing sub-systems such as existing NAVAIDS System, Fire Detection, Door Access Control, Temperature and Relative, Air Condition Equipment, Digital Power Meter, UPS, DC charger and battery system, Microwave, Standby Generation alarms.
  • Providing significant upgrade of operation without costly replacement of sub systems
  • Simplifying installation and maintenance by replacing multiple equipment without any disturbance of the system stability

The system is ordered through AIMS - Airport Information Management Solutions Ltd., Macau.



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