7 ACAMS D-ATIS and D-VOLMET are operational in Morocco

D-ATIS and D-VOLMET systems from ACAMS are now in operational use in Morocco with 7 country-wide installations.

The country-wide D-ATIS/D-VOLMET systems from ACAMS are now in operation in Morocco. Following the resolution of remaining administrative issues, our client Office National Des Aeroports (ONDA) is now fully utilizing the ACAMS D-ATIS and D-VOLMET systems in their airports and control center in:

  • Mohammed V (Casablanca)
  • Rabat-Salé
  • Oujda
  • Agadir
  • Tanger
  • Fès
  • Marrakech
  • CNCSA (D-VOLMET and Datalink Message Handler and Server)

The ACAMS systems provide state of the art ATIS and VOLMET functionality and will be connected to the SITA/ARINC Datalink network for ATIS/VOLMET data exchange with aircrafts.



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