Integrated tower to Maun, Botswana

ACAMS is supplying a complete integrated tower solution (I-TWR) to Maun international airport, Botswana.

ACAMS AS is supplying an Integration Tower Solution (I-TWR) to Maun International Airport.

This is a turnkey project which integrates both existing and new sub-systems into a common platform. This enable all Controller Working Positons (CWPs) connected to the ACAMS Server to extract real-time information and operate on a user-friendly and unified Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The system includes the following functions:

  • Airfield Ground Lighting Control
  • Meteorological Information Display
  • Navigational Aids Status Control and Monitoring
  • Publications
  • Time Synchronization & Display
  • AMHS/AFTN Display
  • DBViewer
  • Crash Alarm and Intercom Hotlines (Fire Station)
  • Technical Monitoring
  • Notice Board
  • ATIS
  • Flight Strip Display and Printing

This ACAMS I-TWR consist of 2 Aerodrome positions, 2 Approach positons, 1 Technical position, 1 Search and Rescue (SAR) position and 1 Fire Station Watch position.

FAT was successfully completed at ACAMS HQ in Oslo in December 2016, with attendants from both main contractor STEE-INFOSOFT from Singapore and the end user Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB).

ACAMS has previously supplied TCMS systems to Botswana, please see news on Botswana TCMS for details.



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