ACAMS – Largest ATC support system supplier in the Nordics?

ACAMS at 72 sites in the Nordics!

Starting as a spinoff from a Norwegian aviation project 20 years ago, ACAMS has evolved into a global success story of innovation and ingenuity within the international aviation industry.

With more than 300 systems supplied word wide in markets such as Brazil (32 sites), Saudi Arabia (20 sites), India (42 sites), the largest footprint still lies within our home market - the Nordic countries where we have systems installed at 72 sites!               

Almost all the Nordic sites use ACAMS Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System (ALCMS) – a solution recently gaining strong interest in Sweden with 6 new deliveries the last 3 years.

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ACAMS airports in the Nordics:


Kalmar Airport

Sundsvall Timrå Airport

Skellefteå Airport

Sveg Airport

Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Åre-Östersund Airport


Alta Airport

Notodden Airport

Andøya Airport

Ny-Ålesund Airport

Bardufoss Airport

Oslo Airport OSL

Bergen Airport

Rygge Airport

Berlevåg Airport

Røros Airport

Bodø Airport

Rørvik Airport

Brønnøysund Airport

Røst Airport

Båtsfjord Airport

Sandane Airport

Fagernes Airport

Sandefjord Airport

Florø Airport

Sandnessjøen Airport

Førde Airport

Skien Airport

Gullfaks A Offshore Heliport

Snorre A Offshore Heliport

Gullfaks B Offshore Heliport

Snorre B Offshore Heliport

Gullfaks C Offshore Heliport

Sogndal Airport

Gullknapp Airport

Statfjord A Offshore Heliport

Hammerfest Airport

Statfjord B Offshore Heliport

Harstad/Narvik Airport

Statfjord C Offshore Heliport

Haugesund Airport

Stavanger Airport

Heidrun Offshore Heliport

Stokmarknes Airport

Honningsvåg Airport

Stord Airport

Hønefoss Airport, Eggemoen

Svalbard Airport

Kirkenes Airport

Svolvær Airport

Kjeller Airport

Sørkjosen Airport

Kristiansand Airport

Taraldrud Heliport

Kristiansund Airport

Tromsø Airport

Kvitebjørn Offshore Heliport

Trondheim Airport

Lakselv Airport

Vadsø Airport

Leknes Airport

Vardø Airport

Mehamn Airport

Visund Offshore Heliport

Mo i Rana Airport

Værøy Heliport

Molde Airport

Ørland Airport

Mosjøen Airport

Ørsta-Volda Airport

Namsos Airport

Ålesund Airport




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