ACAMS Airport Tower Solutions provides i6 ATIS for Italian Air Force

ACAMS Airport Tower Solutions, a European supplier of air traffic control (ATC) systems, announces that it has completed a contract for the delivery of a new i6 ATIS in Sardinia island.

The ACAMS i6 ATIS system is put into operation at Decimomannu Air Base, that hosts the International Flight Training School, and is likely to become an airbase for the Italian Air Force F-35 fighter jets. ACAMS i6 ATIS will provide the actual present weather situation, the state of the runway, as well as other pertinent information. This information will enhance air traffic safety and efficiency, with relevant information being distributed automatically through the ATIS system.

This is the 4th Italian Air Force airbase ACAMS supplies with an ATIS, as ATIS systems were previously delivered to three other air bases in recent years.

The ATIS systems were deployed in Italy at the Italian Air Force air bases, as a result of a tender released by TELEDIFE, Technical Directorate of the Italian Ministry of Defence which was won by ACAMS local partner Eurelettronica Icas Srl.

“We are proud to team up with Eurelettronica Icas to supply the Italian Air Force with our industry leading ATIS solution”, said Mr. Leiv Kreyberg, CEO at ACAMS Airport Tower Solutions. “We know that military air bases can sometimes be challenging, nevertheless ACAMS i6 ATIS is well established, with close to 250 systems deployed globally.”

The ACAMS i6 ATIS system features several advanced features, including:

  • Analogue and digital outputs
  • Automatic data import from meteorological sensors
  • Automatic data import from AWOS/AFTN/AMHS terminals
  • Multiple operator terminals
  • Single or redundant architecture available
  • Full Datalink compliance (D-ATIS)

 According to Maria Rita Leccese, CEO of Eurelettronica Icas “the ACAMS’s new i6 ATIS system will enhance the operational service at the Decimomannu Air Base. The system is operated by the RSSTA department, serving in particular the International Flight Training School. Decimomannu is also also likely to become an airbase for  the new F-35 fighter squadron”.

The ACAMS ATIS systems, already deployed at Pisa, Trapani and Galatia airbases will also be upgraded to the latest i6 ATIS version, thus adding the latest features in addition to harmonizing the version number between all sites.

ACAMS Airport Tower Solutions ensures that the i6 ATIS solution is optimized for the needs of the Italian Air Force. In addition, ACAMS remains grateful to work with the Italian Air Force and is pleased to offer continued support for their endeavors.

About ACAMS Airport Tower Solutions

ACAMS AS is a Norwegian private limited company with headquarter in Oslo, Norway.

ACAMS AS specializes in providing Airport Tower Solutions to both the international civil and military markets and it has built up many decades of experience in the field of international Air Traffic Control.

With over 400 operational systems in 40+ countries, ACAMS is the trusted partner of airports and air traffic control authorities around the globe.

ACAMS' integrated control, monitoring, and information solutions (I-TWR, D-ATIS, TCMS, ALCMS) are designed to enhance safety and efficiency, while reducing costs.




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