Integrated Tower (I-TWR)

The ACAMS product is a computer system providing an integrated and homogenous solution to monitoring, control and display requirements of an airport tower.
The ACAMS product is designed around a fault tolerant and modular architecture which can be scaled to suit the functional and capacity requirements of any civil or military tower. 
Brazil ATC integrated tower positionACAMS takes signals from the related subsystem and provides the associated information (e.g. wind direction/speed etc.) in a user-friendly way on a touch-input monitor. Control of the related sub-system (e.g. RWY lights on/off) can be carried out by means of touch input directly on the monitor screen or by mouse/keyboard
The I-Tower solution:
  • … collects
  • … extracts
  • … displays
  • … distributes
… decision support information to the Air Traffic Control Operator (ATCO).

The ACAMS system is made up of COTS components with the main processing being performed by high reliability maintenance friendly rack servers.

Industrial IP-based components are used to interface to the various external systems. The components are interconnected using a dualised Ethernet network providing a fault tolerant architecture.
ACAMS client monitors are based on COTS equipment allowing the use of the latest state of the art monitors thereby providing the best Human Machine Interface.

The ACAMS software is implemented using a modular and flexible architecture which allows the HMI to be tailored to an individual customer’s requirement. Step-wise implementation ensures continuous TWR operations without interruptions.


Features of the I-TWR solution

  • Uniform “look and feel” across different functions and systems
    … applying optimised HMI ergonomics
    … instead of different displays from different vendors
  • Compact Human-Machine-Interface covering all sub-systems
    … instead of 1 screen for each sub-system provider
  • Real-time information at your finger tips
    … instead of “all” functions open at all times on all screens
  • Continuous logging
    … providing real time capture of tower events
  • Cost effective and flexible adaption
    … enabling customer specific needs and preferences


 Benefits of the ACAMS I-TWR solution

  • Increased ATCOs’ effectiveness and productivity
    … due to complex decision making with less effort
  • Increased safety in critical moments
    … due to better critical information available at the right time
  • Increased safety development process
    … due to documentation/reconstruction of tower events
  • Enhanced ATCOs’ work environment quality
    ... due to a workplace designed around the Tower’s operational processes / the ATCO’s workflows
  • Increased ATCOs’ work satisfaction
    … due to the sum of all the above

I-TWR ATM Airport Tower installation

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Applicable systems that can be integrated into an I-Tower solution include:
  • Airfield Lighting Control
  • MET Info Display
  • AWOS
  • NavAids Status Monitoring & Control
  • Datalink Departure Clearance
  • Flight Data
  • Publications
  • Maps
  • CAT III Status Panel
  • Crash Alarm / Red-Telephone
  • AFTN Display
  • Direction Finder
  • GPS Time
  • Tower Cabin Task Lighting
  • Sun Shade Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Entrance Control
  • Data logging of all system I/O
  • Electronic Flight Strips
  • Alarm Monitoring & Control
  • System Integration
  • Consoles
  • Radio Control Panels
  • Tower Cabin Interior