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ACAMS also supplies related solutions to tower operations, such as:

  • Crash alarm & Red Telephone system (CART)
  • CAT status Monitoring System
  • Pilot Controlled Lighting (PCL)

Crash alarm & Red Telephone system (CART)

The CART provides prompt notification of an emergency condition to activate the response of the emergency teams. The system provides the possibility of expansion with several control panels if needed, with each station being equipped with a small Touch Panel monitor with associated mini workstation, microphone and loudspeaker.

"Crash Alarm" notifications are activated by pressing the CRASH button. The bells/sirens in the fire stations are activated and a visual and audible confirmation is given to the operator.

"Red Telephone" calls are activated by pressing the required button on the touch panel HMI. The call is connected through to the destination without any action required at the receiving position.



CAT Status Monitoring system

CAT Status Monitoring System, also referred to as Runway Category and Control System (RCCS), monitors the status signals of the individual equipment, and automatically calculates the operational category for the systems. If degradation in the operational category occurs, a visual and audible alert will be given.


The RCCS (Runway Category and Control System) provides the user with a continuous monitoring of the various navaids, meteorological and airfield ground lighting (including the operational status of the power supply of the 2 runway power stations). The status of each equipment is indicated using a combination of colours and text. In the event of a status changes a visual and audible alert (if enabled) is provided.

Pilot Controlled Lighting (PCL)

Pilot-controlled lighting (PCL), also known as aircraft radio control of aerodrome lighting (ARCAL) or pilot-activated lighting (PAL), is a system which allows aircraft pilots to control the lighting of an airport.

The air-to-ground radio control equipment permits the pilot to turn on the airfield lights and select any one of the available intensity steps, normally three. The intensity is selected by keying the microphone of the aircraft communication transmitter a prescribed number of times in a 5-second interval. Keying the microphone three times selects the lowest intensity; five times selects a medium intensity; and seven times selects the highest intensity. Once energized, the lights will stay on for 15 minutes (adjustable by a parameter). At the end of the 15-minute cycle, the lights will be either turned off or returned to a pre-set brightness step depending on the selected operating mode.


 The system will be delivered including the radio transceiver to output the PTT signal to the ACAMS PCL system.



ACAMS is approved as Flight Inspection Organization and for validation of Instrument Flight Procedures.  

Flight inspection Flight proceduresACAMS has experience and competence with flight standards and verification, and can provide services in this field.


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